Ben Batt

Managing Director

Ben upholds the KEY vision.


Bryan R. Ide

Education Director

Bryan transforms the KEY vision into student success.



Bernard Batt

Finance Director

Bernard safeguards the financial wellbeing of KEY.



John Larsen

Operations Manager

John ensures everyone at KEY is involved in creating and following through on the KEY experience.



Brynn Fader

Tutor Manager and Academic Planner

Brynn is a master of recognizing your child’s learning style and building custom programs to compliment it. It comes naturally, as deciphering different languages is her forte, studying languages since September 2010.


Shereen Garstin

ECE Program Manager

Shereen understands how crucial early education is to creating success in life. She has dedicated her life to Early Childhood Education and started working with young children when she was 17 years old!


Michael Lee

Business Development Manager

Michael makes sure you get the most out of your KEY experience.  He was born in Hong Kong and immigrated to Canada at age 11. He graduated from UBC with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. Having worked in a child psychology lab in UBC for some years, Michael is equipped with a good understanding of developmental and behavioural psychology.


Robin Rivers

Branding & Marketing Manager

Robin brings more than twenty years of experience as an internationally award-winning journalist, digital media development specialist, and marketing manager to her position at KEY. She has launched companies, repositioned media properties, conceived and designed regional and national projects for a wide range of Canadian and U.S.