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Enclosed below are testimonials for some of our most valued students. For more in-depth case studies of the successes that our clients have found, please see our success stories page.



"As parents, we want to make sure that our children have the right education for their future. However, when it came time to apply for private schools, we realized just how competitive the admissions process was. KEY helped put our minds at ease as they guided us through the behind-the-scenes process of the application process to top private schools. We saw the value in working with a KEY admissions expert who not only went to a top private school but also had work experience as a private school admissions interviewer. We will certainly return to KEY when it comes time to prepare for the university application process."


T.L. - Parent at St. George’s School


"KEY’s SAT prep course helped me to pinpoint my weaknesses and taught me how to deal with them effectively. The instructor was dedicated, approachable, and professional. He tailored the course to our individual needs. The amount and depth of content covered was more than satisfying, but beyond that it has equipped me with a test prep method that will benefit me for life. Thank you KEY for the showing me the way to "crack" the SAT!"


M.Y. – MAX SATTM Prep Course Student


"I have attended SAT prep programs at a couple of other companies and by far KEY’s program has the best quality. KEY provides students with a brightly lighted studying environment, knowledgeable instructors, and friendly staff. I felt that it has a commitment to the highest level of quality and customer service. The course material was well organized and delivered and unlike the other programs I attended, the instructor encouraged and helped students develop their tailored personal tactics to confront the SAT. SAT courses used to be insipid black-and-white TV shows to me, but in KEY’s SAT course, I found splashes of bright colours. I would highly recommend KEY’s SAT prep program to any student seeking high quality SAT courses."


T.T. – MAX SATTM Prep Course Student


"We believe in the best quality, especially when it comes to the education of our children. KEY has worked with both of our children. Our son took KEY’s etiquette course and after that we noticed a remarkable change in the way he interacts with others, especially adults. Our friends and relatives have even commented on his increased confidence. KEY helped our daughter gain admissions to one of the most competitive private schools by advising us every step of the process. KEY’s levels of dedication, service, and quality are unmatched. We have no doubt that KEY will be the go-to place for families wanting the best admissions advice and enrichment programs."


P.W. and M.W. - Parents at Crofton House School


"Thanks for all of your hard work and outstanding contributions for my son’s achievement. In his private school interview, I saw a different side of my son; a confident, positive, and polite young man. After the principal of Richmond Christian School interviewed my son, he made offered admission on the spot and welcomed my son to the school community. It was great news for both my son and me.

I believe Richmond Christian School will be a great challenge for my son and I’d love to ask KEY’s assistance to continue helping him achieve a higher level of educational goals and realizing his value in life."


J.Z. – Parent at Richmond Christian School


"KEY truly has an enriching environment with consummate professionals leading the way. My wife and I have been exceedingly impressed with KEY’s commitment. One can tell that the staff at KEY care about what they do. KEY was instrumental in helping our children get into private school. In fact, the admissions director at my daughter’s school even remarked that my daughter had the most memorable handshake. This was thanks to KEY’s signature handshake exercise that they do with all of their students. The professionals at KEY know how to get results and they are passionate about wanting each of their students to succeed."


A.G. (Alex) Tsakumis, parent at Crofton House School and St. George’s School