Alyssa Wood

Education Department Manager & Academic Planner | 教育部经理与学术策划师

Alyssa is a well-educated individual in both the classroom and related work experience. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and History, is a licensed Primary Care Paramedic, completed a diploma in Emergency Health Science and is a certified First Aid Instructor.


Nick Bartlett

English & French Educator/Creative Writing Educator | 英语和法语教育家/创造性写作讲师

Nick is an enthusiastic tutor who is always eager to help his students succeed. He attends UBC as an MA candidate, specializing in French Literature and Language.


Anton Birioukov

English Educator | 英语讲师

Anton is a Doctoral Candidate in the Faculty of Education at the University of Ottawa. Alongside his teaching at KEY he is currently in the process of publishing his dissertation into a book.


Allyssa Fong

General Subjects Educator | 普通科目教育者

Allyssa holds a Bachelor of Arts degree with a double major in speech sciences and psychology from the University of British Columbia and is currently completing her Masters of Education in special education at Vancouver Island University.


Lilit Hovhannisyan

English Educator | 英语讲师

Lilit has taught YLE (Young Learners English), Business English and General English for the last four and a half  years.


Kathy Ide

General Subject Educator | 综合学科讲师

Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, University of British Columbia Certificate in Education, University of British Columbia Kathy has 23 years’ experience teaching at the pre-school, elementary, and middle school levels.


Wanda LaClaire

KEY Scientist In Residence | Key常驻科学家

Wanda is an experienced non-traditional education professional. While working at the H.R. MacMillan Planetarium, she designed and implemented hands-on workshops, demos, classroom programs, small stage demo shows, as well as large theatre productions to educate all ages in a fun and engaging manner. She created programming that met B.C.


Michelle Levit

French & English Educator | 法语和英语讲师

Michelle holds a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in French from UBC and is currently enrolled in a Masters program in French literature at UBC. Concurrent with her full-time graduate studies, she has been instructing French 101 and 102 at UBC. She has a love of pedagogy and hopes to make teaching part of her future.


Gareth Moon

SSAT Educator | SSAT 讲师

Gareth is a B.Sc student at SFU, specializing in Molecular Biology and Computer Science. He speaks English and Korean fluently, and enjoys playing hockey, the violin, and snowboarding in his spare time.


Leilynaz Malekafzali

Math, English, and Science Educator | 数学, 科学, 英语和 讲师

Leilynaz is a recent graduate of UBC. She studied Microbiology and Immunology, and graduated with a B.Sc with distinction. Throughout her studies, she has received multiple awards and scholarships in recognition of her outstanding academic achievements.


Max Metzner

English and Math Educator | 数学, 科学, 英语和 讲师

Max is a Philosophy Undergraduate student at Simon Fraser University. He is patient and compassionate, and he loves to inspire his students. Max enjoys hiking, cycling and both playing and coaching hockey.


Andrew Parkin

English & General Subjects Educator

Andrew Parkin is a professional tutor who loves his work.  He majored in English Literature at UBC, and has taken classes in teaching English as a Second Language as well as Emergency Medicine.  He has taught English as a private/freelance tutor for three years, although his tutoring has not been solely confined to English.  Andrew also enjoys w


Kevin Shen

Science & Math Educator | 科学和数学教育家

Kevin is a recent graduate of UBC, with a degree in Engineering. He has experience tutoring students in Math and Science subjects since he was in high school. He loves teaching and helping students to overcome their struggles and obstacles.


Denise Tom

English/SSAT/ Singapore Math Educator | 英语/SSAT/ 新加坡数学讲师

Denise is an experienced and passionate English instructor. Her ability to connect with her students allows her to create a classroom environment that optimizes learning. She has worked with students from a variety of backgrounds, including adults and children that are new to Canada.


Anne Wright

English Educator | 英语讲师

Anne Wright

Educator specializing in English Language and ELL

Bachelor of Arts, With Distinction, University of Toronto

TESOL Inservice Diploma, Vancouver Community College

TESL Canada Federation Professional Certificate, Level Two


Stephen Yuen

English Educator | 数学 英语和 讲师

Stephen is passionate about helping students to learn and improve their English

language, in particular, speaking and writing. He believes that learning should be fun for students to learn and grow. 

Stephen is a trained and experienced ESL tutor who has many years of volunteer