KEY's 6 Cs™


CuriosityHarnessing the spirit of inquiry to truly understand issues at the core of any problem or situation at hand.


CreativityHarnessing the imagination to act on and arrive at tangible (physical objects) and intangible (ideas, thoughts) expressions.

Critical Thinking

Critical ThinkingActively evaluating and analyzing information in order to conceptualize, strategize, and apply solutions in the classroom, on the playing field, at home, and in life.


CollaborationUnderstanding how to harness individual strengths to contribute to greater team success.


ConfidenceThe ability to feel secure in one’s capabilities, choices, decisions, and thinking.


Character Instilling in students a sense of integrity and awareness of actions and consequences.

We believe in the best quality, especially when it comes to the education of our children. KEY has worked with both of our children. Our son took KEY’s etiquette course and after that we noticed a remarkable change in the way he interacts with others, especially adults. Our friends and relatives have even commented on his increased confidence. KEY helped our daughter gain admissions to one of the most competitive private schools by advising us every step of the process. KEY’s levels of dedication, service, and quality are unmatched. We have no doubt that KEY will be the go-to place for families wanting the best admissions advice and enrichment programs.
P.W. and M.W. - Parents at Crofton House School



Reading & Writing

Letter and Word Awareness is the ability to identify individual written letters and words. Once children are able to identify printed letters, they develop the ability to identify entire words. The entire developmental progression from letter awareness to word awareness to fluent reading typically begins around age three with letter awareness and continues through age seven with fluent reading. Children are expected to understand that words are groups of letters separated by spaces on either side.

Listening & Speaking

Auditory processing is the ability to recognize, interpret, and analyze spoken language. Strong auditory processing skills are critical components of activities in the classroom. Children must be able to follow a teacher’s lead and successfully interact with others.



There are various skills required for math and number awareness. Children are introduced to a wide variety of math and number activities for them to establish an important foundation for more advanced math activities that will be introduced in primary school.


Scientific knowledge helps us explain the world around us, such as why water evaporates and plants grow in particular locations, what causes disease, and how electricity works. Scientific inquiry provides the opportunity for children to develop a range of skills and a natural curiosity of the world around them. These are essential skills to engage students in learning.


Children need a learning environment where they feel safe and comfortable to help them concentrate on learning. Teaching arts in the early years has been proven to significantly impact cognitive development, increase self-esteem, and actively engage everyone in learning. This unrestricted exploration helps children form connections in their brain, it helps them learn—and it’s also fun.

Thanks for all of your hard work and outstanding contributions for my son’s achievement. In his private school interview, I saw a different side of my son; a confident, positive, and polite young man. After the principal of Richmond Christian School interviewed my son, he made offered admission on the spot and welcomed my son to the school community. It was great news for both my son and me. I believe Richmond Christian School will be a great challenge for my son and I’d love to ask KEY’s assistance to continue helping him achieve a higher level of educational goals and realizing his value in life.
J.Z. – Parent at Richmond Christian School

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