Parent Statement Writing

By Sophie Ji, KEY Admissions Support Manager

How can we help you to narrate your compelling family stories?

Many people are confused about what parental statements are and what role they play in the private school admissions. As some of you know, especially those who have been through the application process, private schools require you to fill out a bunch of questions in the application form. These questions, as a whole, constitute the concept of parental statements. Let me give you an example, one of the most common questions, which is asked by every school:  "Why to choose us?"

You might feel it's so obvious to answer this question and quite easy to write a paragraph to show your dream school your intentions. However, don't be tricked by those simple questions. What private schools really want to see is what type of family you are, what family values you embrace, and whether your family is a good fit for the school. Moreover, these parental statements will reveal if what you wrote is aligned with what you would say at the interview. Thus, putting in simple answers is not enough. You must know how to present your family through telling unique and compelling family stories to demonstrate to your dream school that your family is a perfect match.

Now your question might be, "What if we don't speak English?"

Well, that's why KEY Education is here to help you. We understand that parental statements play a significant role in the application process. At KEY, our experts are dedicated to helping families, especially new immigrants as you are, to craft the parental statements that speak for your family. With our top writers and personal approach, we can effectively help you with three simple steps:

  • Educational Philosophy Meeting. Our private school admissions advisor will meet and have an in-depth dialogue with your family, in which the advisor aims to dig out every piece of information that would make your family stand out from the rest, even the smallest piece that can be easily neglected. With such detailed and organized information, our experienced and award-winning writers are able to customize authentic and genuine narratives for your family.

  • First  Draft Review Meeting. In this meeting, your family will have the opportunity to have a face-to-face conversation with our writer to review the first draft of your parental statements together. In the meanwhile, our writer will integrate your voice, feedback and comments to revise the parental statements on the spot.

  • Finalizing Parental Statements. After our First Draft Meeting, by working with the advisor who knows your family the most, our writer will finalize and provide you with the ultimate parental statements that would wow your dream school.

What are you waiting for? Come to us and let us help you articulate your family stories!