KEY Education Private School Admissions

By Moon Wang

KEY Admissions Guidance Specialist

Do you want your child to be admitted into the top private schools in Canada? Here are a few questions that you should ask yourself before your child applying to top private schools:

  • Is your child not only academically strong but also rich in his/her extracurricular activity?
  • Is your child currently involved in the so-called S.A.P (Stereotypical Asian Profile) activities such as playing piano, flute, badminton; and volunteering at Seniors home?
  • Is your child currently involved in too many activities, and not sure which one to prioritize? 
  • Is your child doing the right activity that lights his/her spark?
  • Is your family actively involved in your local communities?
  • Is your family fully aware of the western culture and educational philosophies?
  • Do you know how to present the uniqueness of your family to top private schools?

If you are not sure with the answers to the questions above, or your child matches the descriptions above; You need our help!

 Private School Admissions

Leveling Expectations

Before your child applying to top private schools, you need to know that top independent schools seek students who are multidimensional and dynamic. Instead of students who are well-rounded and involved in a dozen of activities, selective private schools favour those who are outstanding and only participate in a few selective activities that speak their true passion. 

In addition, competitive independent schools are not only selective with their students but also with families. Parent involvement is critical for private schools to succeed, as they rely heavily on parents’ volunteer time, energy, and support. Therefore, schools favour families whose values are not only aligned with their educational philosophies but also those who are willing and able to support financially.


A Thematic Approach to Admissions Success

A Thematic Approach to your child and your family is what you need! At KEY, we recommend this to families when they apply to private schools, in order to demonstrate all of the qualifications above. For each family, we develop a set of unique themes based on the family’s and student’s characteristics, interests, and values. 


Why a Theme?

  • Makes your family and your child stand out
  • Demonstrates your family living according to values
  • Builds consistency in your family profile and your child’s profile
  • Presents authentic characteristics of your family and your child

KEY’s Lighting Your Spark: Family Readiness Planning program will shape your child and your family’s profile and make your child and your family a competitive candidate to top private school admissions. 

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