summer camps

By Brynn Fader, KEY Sr. Academic Planner


It’s that time of year. In the midst of grads, provincials, spring flings, and the endless line-up of end-of-the-year field trips, parents are beginning to panic about what they are going to do with the kids all summer long.

Long beach days on Gabriola Island or a trip to Disneyland don’t fill the long hours of July and August. The solution for most parents is making sure they line up summer camps that are both fun and educational.

Finding the right balance of camps for every kid is the real challenge. Balancing your child’s summer in order to maximize fun and learning at the same time may not always seem worth it.

I’m here to help you feel good about your investment of time and money. Summer camps are experiences that kids remember for a lifetime.


Here are my top 7 reasons why summer camps are the gold in your parenting toolbox:


  1. Summer camps are a unique sort of community. They bring kids together from all places and spaces, friendships are formed through fun and shared experience.

  2. Time spent having fun away from home is time spent building self-confidence as well as hard skills.

  3. Summer camp isn’t about good grades, it’s about each child achieving their own potential.

  4. Exploration and discovery are encouraged.

  5. Summer brain doesn’t set in because kids are continuing to learn.

  6. Kids can try something out without any fear of failure and develop a stronger sense of resilience.

  7. The independence that is fostered through summer camp helps kids mature and gain social skills


The Right Programs for Every Kid

KEY’s Summer Camps are a blend of all of these. With the right camp, not only can you expose your kids to new memories and experiences, but show them how learning is fun (that’s right, you heard me).

Now, we aren’t going to share this with the kids, but a week or two at camp this summer is one of the best-proven ways to foster innovation, creativity, collaboration, critical thinking and laughter into our children.

At KEY,  we’re helping our families develop the necessary skills for long-term success. From robotics and coding to expand one’s creativity and problem solving skills to create robots that will change the future, to reading Harry Potter to develop writing skills, public speaking and critical thinking, to experimenting with solutions to make slime, volcanos and salt crystals in our Slime Lab, to developing an understanding of wellness and mindfulness through our wellness camp, to learning about the classic cubist art movement and its relevance to the chessboard, your kids can leave this summer feeling inspired to learn more and will become motivated to explore new interests.

As parents, you can feel comforted to learn that our management is First Aid certified, your children will be fed a well-balanced lunch through our partnership with Cafe 41, the activities are lead and created by experts in the fields, and will even feature some celebrity guests.

Finally, we are all about celebrating our KEY community. There’s a ShowCase every Friday for parents to check out their kids’ work, watch them compete, and experience for yourselves how summer camp changes us all.  Your kids will leave the summer as independent, critical thinkers with transferable life skill, new interests, and opportunities that you can feel safe and comfortable registering your kids for KEY’s all-day camps.