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  • Are you applying for a top US university?
  • Do you know that US boarding schools can be a great option?
  • Is your family prepared for the highly competitive application process?

With increased competition to US universities, it is less likely to get admitted to top institutions if you apply from Vancouver. Another pathway to getting in to a top US university is attending a top US boarding school. KEY’s two experts will also talk about Canadian boarding schools. Please come if you are looking for options in Canada. KEY is flying Dr. Jarvis to Vancouver for this free seminar. You will have the exclusive opportunity to gain insight from a reputable expert on US boarding school admissions.

Guest Presenter: Dr. Jarvis has held multiple roles at independent schools in the Bahamas, Canada, and the United States. Boarding school experience for Dr. Jarvis includes five years as the admissions director at Shawnigan Lake School on Vancouver Island, one of Canada’s most prominent boarding schools, and twelve years as Dean of Enrollment and Interim Headmaster at Berkshire School in Massachusetts, a top 25 US boarding school.

EXCLUSIVE OFFER: Schedule a free consultation for your family to speak personally with Dr. Jarvis after the seminar. RSVP now!