Back to School

Welcome back to school everyone!

A new semester has started; you may be curious, excited, or a bit nervous. Are you ready for a new adventure? We would like to give you some tips to help you navigate through the semester and gain success.

Over the years, KEY has built relationships with reputable education experts. Dr. Phil Jarvis is one of our partners, who provides sincere advice to help clients find the right school. Jarvis has years of experience in admissions consulting, which allows him to share his insights on Canadian and American education. Check out his latest blog post that highlights three tips on students starting boarding school, though we feel that it is applicable to students attending any type of school.

Meanwhile, if you have any question about admissions process, or if you want to learn more about a program, feel free to book a free consultation/assessment with KEY. We are here to support! Best wishes to all for your new school year!