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Our Approach

The KEY Method

We’re more than admissions or educational consultants.  At KEY we take a long-term, strategic approach centered on the individual student’s best interests.  We are Western educated and raised with global backgrounds and viewpoints.  From our KEY Early Years early childhood education through to our KEY university admissions guidance, all our programs and services are designed to give each of our students the best opportunity to thrive within their current education environment and beyond.  We help lay essential and formative foundations for our students to help them create their own legacies and find success. We endeavor to teach our students to be deep learners, not superficial ones.

Our Purpose

At KEY, we say that the first 15 years of a child’s life determine the next 50 years. We help lay essential foundations for our students during their formative years so that they achieve success and create their own legacies. Legacies are built by the accomplishments and success of future generations. It is our firm belief that the right education is the key to success in life.

Our Values

We have been raised to hold certain values, and these are what guide us. Our values inform how we run our company; treat our students, families, and staff; and, ultimately live our lives.

Our unwavering commitment to our values is how we help you succeed.

Family is Key

Family is the ultimate unit of measurement for a strong society and the building block of legacies. We take care with all our clients, students, and interactions. We value the relationships.

Kaizen Thinking

Japanese for “(continuous) improvement”. Just as our clients are on a life-long journey of improvement and learning, we understand that we too must constantly build and grow our expertise.

Honourable Action

We take pride in our work and consider it an honour to further the legacies of others. We work to earn the respect of our families and students — not simply from a great reputation — and exhibit worthiness and humility in our actions.


A society grows great when people plant trees in whose shade they know they shall never sit.
– adapted from a Greek proverb