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Our Story

Key Admissions Offices


Our Founding


For each of KEY’s co-founders, a strong educational foundation set us on the right path. A private school education helped prepare us to study at some of the world’s top universities, equip us with the skills to advance in the workplace, and ultimately helping us build happy, successful, and productive lives. Our passions are to share these lessons with others, to serve as positive role models, and to provide our students with lifelong educational foundations and preparation.

A Comprehensive Experience

From observing the evolving needs of our students, our company’s focus expanded from admission strategy – counseling students on choosing and applying to the right-fit private schools and universities – to providing students with the fundamental skills required for success. An acceptance letter is not merely enough; a pathway to success at that institution and beyond is the approach that is necessary to ensure future success. As we began working with more students, we saw that the earlier students establish a strong foundation, the better equipped they would be to learn new concepts and scaffold those to existing ones.


We established KEY Early Years, our early childhood education program that strengthens children’s abilities in reading, language arts, mathematics, and social-emotional learning. We launched Keys to Success, Vancouver’s first afterschool enrichment program with a strategic focus on establishing a strong academic, social, and interpersonal foundation for private school, university and the workplace. We also sought out English language learning experts, thought leaders in effective test preparation, and highly qualified tutors to work with our students. We encourage our students to seek continuous improvement, as we ourselves stand by this concept, and we are constantly seeking ways to provide an edge to our students.