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KEY Early Years


Curiosity: The inherent drive to dig deeper and explore. Channelling the spirit of enquiry to truly understand issues at the core of any problem or situation at hand.


Confidence: The ability to feel secure in one’s capabilities, choices, decisions, and thinking is vital to your child’s growth and happiness.


Character: Instilling in students a sense of integrity, awareness of actions and consequences, and the capacity to make conscious decisions that improve the lives of others.


Collaboration: Learning to work well in a team with others, appreciate the value diversity brings, and understanding how individual strengths can contribute to greater team success.


Creativity: ability to create meaningful new ideas, forms, methods, or interpretations

Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking: The best students have the ability to absorb and analyse information, evaluate possible alternatives and devise the most effective tactics, forming strategies for success: in the classroom, on the playing field, at home, in life.

Child attending Key's early childhood education program

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KEY Philosophy: Social, Emotional, & Intellectual Development

While fostering social and emotional learning, we teach children essential skills and concepts for long-term success in highly selective schools. Current research shows that children will achieve the best results academically, emotionally, socially, physically, and artistically when they develop a balance of these intelligences. KEY teachers know that self-regulated learning is also critical to success in today’s education system and they strive to help young children regulate their learning. Numerous studies have shown that a child who starts ahead in kindergarten will most likely retain that edge all through school. We not only help children get ready for Kindergarten but prepare them to be successful in exceptional schools.

KEY Curriculum: Success for each child

KEY educators write, record, create, and continually evaluate all of our own materials specifically for the needs and interests of our students entering schools in BC. Our curriculum draws from the wealth of research on early years development, the new B.C. curriculum, and specific methodology to integrate social and emotional learning in everything we do. Students learn academic basics such as language development, phonics, basic math, small and large motor skills, hand-eye coordination, science, technology, computational thinking, and so much more!

KEY Educators: The best for your child

We strive to provide the best program in British Columbia for early years students by employing and training highly qualified educators, providing an excellent curriculum and small class sizes, and working closely with families. KEY teachers ensure that children are engaged in interesting and skill developing activities while building confidence, self-awareness, self-esteem and well-being in each child.>

KEY Families: Connections with teachers are essential

Families are the first and most important teacher for children. We know our families are looking for more than a regular daycare, pre-school, or tutoring company. We offer a safe and happy place that nurtures the whole child by fostering social and emotional well being through strong bonds with our families. Assessments for our students are conducted each semester, enabling families to have a balanced look at a child’s abilities and potential areas of improvement. We also provide parent information sessions and workshops about how to support your child’s learning.


We personalize learning experiences for every student, developing materials and activities based on interests and developmental needs of our students. Every program contains activities to develop social, emotional, and intellectual growth to ensure success in the top schools. We incorporate yoga, dance, games and activities to teach children to be environmentally responsible while developing critical thinking and problem solving skills.

Pre- Kinder Enrichment (ages 3-4)

Our Pre-Kinder Enrichment program focuses on interactive experiences that involve sensory, motor, and social explorations. Children are engaged in fun learning activities to develop language, early math, literacy, science, music, hand-eye coordination, pre-writing skills, and small and large motor skills. We help children learn to work with others, separate from their parents, and enjoy learning.
Class size- 2-3 students

Junior Kinder Enrichment (ages 4-5)

Our Junior Kinder Enrichment focuses on preparing children to enter Kindergarten and/or for private school admissions. Children learn academic basics such as phonics, math, art,  science, pre-reading or reading activities, writing skills, music, and art. We help children learn how to use language to best suit their needs. We develop each child’s social, emotional and intellectual skills to enhance learning.
Class size- 2-4 students

Kinder Enrichment (ages 5-6)

Kinder Enrichment focuses on helping children to be successful in school. Activities build on the Jr. Kinder Enrichment program and focus on speaking, reading, writing, math, science, art, music, technology, computational thinking, and fine motor skills (printing, coloring, cutting). We also help children learn to self-regulate as they develop socially and emotionally.
Class size- 2-4 students

1-1 Tutoring 

KEY Early Years 1-1 tutoring program is a personalized learning service, tailoring our lessons to your child's individual needs. Communication with parents is incorporated into every session, as it is important to bridge the child's learning between home and school. Our highly qualified instructors focus on building confidence, reducing separation anxiety, teaching proper classroom etiquette, promoting self-regulation, and helping each child achieve success. We customize lessons for your child according to levels, specific interests, and needs. With the teacher's undivided attention, parents can expect to see accelerated learning in English including reading, writing, listening and speaking, in addition to math and science, enabling them to succeed at highly selective schools.

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