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Private School Admissions Advising

Student learning from private school admissions advising services

We know what private schools are looking for and what it takes to make a successful application. Our team of admissions experts has years of experience. We have not only attended top private schools, but also have work experience with admissions offices of some of North America’s leading private schools. We provide a strategic plan from the moment you start our services until admission decisions are released.

We help you:

  • Create your list of target schools;
  • Develop your action plan, including your task list, to make sure you are organized with all of your applications;
  • Complete your application forms and personal statements ensuring that you use the right language appropriate for the private school world;
  • Make the most of campus visits, open houses, school events;
  • Gain the confidence to make a positive and lasting impression during the interview;
  • Understand what it takes to stand out during the school group assessment; and,
  • Engage in as many positive touch points with the schools to which you are applying.