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Success Stories

Mother proudly looks on her graduating daughter



"I cannot thank KEY enough for helping me reach my dream of getting into my first choice university. KEY taught me how to stand out in a sea of applicants to one of the most competitive and prestigious undergraduate architecture programs in the world. Not only did they guide me in strengthening my essay to make it impactful, but also they built my confidence so that I could shine in the interview. There are many admissions consulting companies out there but KEY is truly the one that has the expertise and qualifications. KEY went above and beyond in its commitment to helping me succeed."

- C.Z. - Student at Cornell University

Our Success Story

Imagine two different chefs are given the exact same ingredients and are told to make a meal. One chef makes an incredible, satisfying meal while the other can’t. Yet, both had the same ingredients! The point is that the ingredients themselves are only part of the equation; someone needs to know how to skillfully put those ingredients together. C.Z. is an example of an exceptional student who just needed to know how to put together all of her skills and talents.

Before she came to KEY, C.Z., an incredibly talented artist, dancer, and singer, came across as a shy and quiet girl. In addition to her underwhelming demeanour, which would not have left a strong impression on her interviewer, her application essay did not truly convey her passion. Rather, her personal statement ran the risk of being lost in the sea of other statements.

At KEY, we worked with C.Z. to revise her essay. We incorporated two high-impact, attention-grabbing introductory sentences to hook the reader in. In a genuine and heartfelt way, we conveyed her passions for dancing and singing. For interview coaching, we taught her how to turn the interview into a conversation. We prepared her to handle any type of question, especially the tough curveball ones. We built up her confidence so that she could make the strong and most positive impression on the interview.

Not only did C.Z.’s essay capture the reader’s attention, but also it truly reflected the talented, passionate, and interesting person that C.Z. really is. After her interview, C.Z. called to say that she aced her interview and that she felt as though she were floating on a cloud with her spirits lifted. At KEY, we were able to transform C.Z. and develop in her the confidence to carry her through to her first choice of Cornell University. We congratulate C.Z. on her significant achievement.


"I am grateful to the teachers and staff at KEY. Their Keys to Success enrichment program, along with their expert admissions advice, not only helped my two children gain admission to a leading independent school, but also gave them the self-confidence to be prepared in the world. One thing that I found remarkable was that the teachers at KEY were able to connect with and inspire my children whereas their regular schoolteachers could not do so. If you are a parent looking for a program that will not only prepare your child for school but also for life, please visit KEY."

- L.L. - Parent of two students at Collingwood School

Our Success Story

L.L. recently told us that her two children are thriving at Collingwood School and that the family couldn’t be happier there. She again thanked KEY for everything that we did to ensure that her two children got into one of the more competitive private schools in town.

Before her children came to KEY, they were polite and kind, but shy and quiet. Through our Keys to Success program, they learned about different topics and subjects, all the while improving their English. They also developed their confidence through presentations to their class and during the parent-teacher night performance. Moreover, not only did they make friends in class, but they also learned to work well and cooperate with students from a variety of backgrounds and experiences. For their interview preparation, we taught both students how to interact with their interviewers and how to ask them questions about Collingwood. They also were taught how to greet and say goodbye to the interviewer properly with the right handshake, eye contact, and smile.

We are proud to see how quickly L.L’s two children grew when they were with our program and wish them the best at Collingwood.