KEY Education Private School Admissions

On Thursday, September 14th 2017, KEY hosted a free public seminar for families with ECE aged kids applying to private school.

Presented by Ben Batt, KEY’s Managing Director, and Sharon Percival, an award winning former owner of Sunflower Academy located on the west side of Vancouver, the presentation started with an introduction of KEY’s western values, the clients we work with, and what sets our organization apart. The presentation went on to address the biggest ‘Who, What, When, Where, and Why’ questions as they relate to admissions at the Junior Kindergarten to Grade 1 entry points at selective private schools.

KEY provided a detailed overview of what schools look for in applicants, including the specific academic and social emotional skills that schools look for in successful applicants.

Other topics we covered included:  

  • How to choose good preschool
  • What to look for in pre-school teachers and classrooms
  • Finding the right fit school for your child
  • The role of parents in the private school admissions process.

Sharon shared many of her personal experiences given that she used to run her own Montessori School and her perspective in writing reference letters for her students.  

Our first-hand knowledge allowed us to speak from a nuanced and authentic perspective. Our team members are graduates of private schools and universities in North America, and have had experience working in admissions and advancement offices of these very schools.

As experts, we believe learning is like scaling a mountain, whereby one may feel overwhelmed initially, and by putting in the effort and the time, the process becomes easier and ultimately, more satisfying once one achieves their own success.

What’s needed is a trusted source and a knowledgeable guide. KEY is that for many of our families. To speak with a KEY expert about your own personal plan, contact KEY today to arrange your free consultation. Our phone number is 604-449-1583.