KEY Education Admissions

On Thursday, February 8th, KEY Education hosted a free public seminar for families who had children of Elementary, High School and University age applying to private school and university.

Presented by Ben Batt, KEY’s Managing Director, and Brynn Fader, the Tutor Manager, Program Developer & Academic Planner, the presentation began with an overview of parent & student challenges as well as common trends that parents and families face during the application cycle. The presentation emphasized the necessity of time to properly prepare for applying to top private schools and universities. The presentation then led into a discussion of the benefits to students of Academic Assessments & Planning by targeting weaknesses, taking recommended programs, and having an Academic Planner to help guide your family through customized learning and admissions plans.

Other topics that were covered:

  • Recent admissions trends
  • The reasons why there is an emphasis on time, academic preparation and the right advice
  • The importance of language learning, extra curricular activities, and top grades

Brynn Fader provided an overview of what a detailed academic assessment entails and how it positively impacts the success of a child in getting into it and succeeding at academically rigorous institutions. She also went into detail about the specifics of KEY’s unique Tutoring programs such as SSAT.

The presentation illustrated specific challenges and solutions that were outlined through a series of success stories. KEY’s staff has the experience of working at and/or attending top private schools and universities, which has helped us achieve a success rate and track record for our students despite the increased number of of applications and lower acceptance rates at highly selective schools. With the right advice and dedication to the right educational strategy, families can increase their chances of gaining admission to their top choice schools. KEY is committed to providing the right support to families that lead to successful student outcomes in the short, intermediate, and long term.

To speak with a KEY expert about your customized Learning Assessment, Academic Plan and Initial Consultation, please contact KEY today.