Learn English

By Felicia Danesi

Many new families to Canada want to take advantage of Vancouver’s world-renowned education by enrolling their children into top private schools. With limited spots available, the biggest question families want answered is, “Am I Ready?”


KEY’s Family Readiness Scorecard 

KEY has developed a proprietary algorithm to evaluate the readiness of a student and family to apply to private school. Much like the SSAT, the Family Readiness Scorecard (FRS) provides the candidate with percentile comparing them to other students applying to private school that year. This process evaluates student and family responses to questions examining academic aptitude, personality traits, and family values. The FRS suggests areas in need of improvement, with KEY customizing programs to set families up for success.


Is Your English Good Enough?

Statistics show foreign students applying to private schools most often get rejected due to low English proficiency. Students below an English Language Learner (ELL) 4 are not ready for the private school system because they are less likely to understand lessons, participate in class and to make new friends. 


The KEY Solution 

KEY offers Intensive English programs aimed to grow students literacy by focusing on reading, writing, listening and pronunciation. Students are provided with interactive lessons, ample resources and knowledgeable teachers to support their success in the classroom. Though our proven method, most students can achieve ELL 4 in one to two years.  By improving their English proficiencies, students are more confident in the classroom, more likely to be accepted and succeed in prestigious private schools, and thrive in the Western culture. 


Success learning English involves factors including:


  • The student’s age when entering Canada; younger students may learn English quicker than older students. It is important to remember that it is NEVER too late to learn a new language! 
  • A student’s attitude; KEY provides an environment that fosters enthusiasm towards learning.  
  • Strong motivational factors may speed up English language development. Examples include the desire to communicate with Western classmates; improving grades; making friends.


Private School Admissions Support 

KEY’s private school admissions support does not stop at the foundations. We provide SSAT preparation, Unlock Your Soft Skills and Private School Preparation courses to help families through every step of the admissions process. 


Sign Up Today! 

Intensive English is available for students in Grade 1 and up. Private and group classes are available at the Oak and West Vancouver location. Remote and online classes are also available upon request.