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2021 Private School Admissions Online Seminar

#4 Applications Start

Most private schools will open their application portal in September. Have you fully prepared the relevant materials for the application? Are you up to date with the latest application requirements? Before entering the application process, KEY will share some crucial points that you must pay attention to in order for you to succeed. As the saying goes, “The devil’s in the details.” With the complexity of the application process, even a minor mistake will directly impact your application results.

KEY will conduct the final review of your private school application preparation through the following topics:

  • Changes in application requirements for the 2020/21 application season
  • How do private schools evaluate your family?
  • An Overview of the private school admission process
  • Common mistakes you may make

Seminar dates:

  • Wednesday, September 30, 10:00 Online Seminar


  • 10:00 - 11:00 Seminar
  • 11:00 - 11:30 Group Q&A

*After the seminar, our admissions advisors will offer one-on-one, comprehensive recommendations for the next steps in the preparation process based on your child’s most recent report card.

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KEY has helped more than 100 families gain admissions to top private schools during the academic year 2018-19.

Give your child a head start in the admission process by signing up for our Spring into Private School programs, which will help your child build a strong foundation in the three core skill areas that schools are looking for; social emotional, English proficiency, and academic skills. Our systematic and comprehensive curriculum is designed to help your child develop, grow, and demonstrate these key competencies.

Program Overview

Prior to beginning the Spring session, each student will receive a personalized learning plan is based on the results of an intake assessment conducted by KEY’s Preschool Educators. During the Spring semester, students will advance their English-language proficiency, develop their core 6 Cs skills, and receive rigorous academic training. Our curriculum is designed to help students meet and exceed the standards required by the private school admission processes. Upon successful completion of the Spring Program, students will be able to take KEY’s unique Private School Preparation in the fall semester, where they will receive further coaching to successfully attain admission to the school of their choice.

The KEY Difference

ECE and TESOL trained teacher
Uniquely designed ECE classrooms
Smaller group sizes of a ratio of 1-8

Programs Overview

KEY’s Little Scholars program is based on the three core components: soft skills, academic readiness and English proficiency which are greatly valued by private schools. Our educators developed seven courses to build a solid foundation, ensure academic readiness and create social-emotional competency for students. Based on our assessment results, teachers will strengthen a student’s areas of weakness, bringing them to the level necessary for the PSP course

English Proficiency

ELL (English Language Learning)

This class is designed to build self-esteem and confidence, which go hand-in-hand with the academic competencies: reading, writing, listening and speaking. KEY's ELL program forms the foundation for creating a successful pathway of academic and personal achievements for your child.


CCC (Creativity, Communication, Confidence)

This class is intended to enhance your little learner’s confidence by encouraging communication through art and self-expression. Students will explore art history, develop critical thinking skills, and make connections to the world around them.

WRC ( Writing, Reading, Confidence)

This program is designed to develop skills in writing, reading and communicating confidently. Your little scholar will build their confidence through interactive learning such as story time, fine motor tasks, projects that promote written and verbal competency, and picture-word association.

MCC (Math, Communication, Confidence)

During this class, your little learner’s confidence will grow by mastering age-appropriate mathematical concepts such as addition, pattern identification, and tracing activities. Students will use art, verbal comprehension, worksheets, games, and interactive activities to master these skills in numeracy.

Soft Skills


This method, developed by Dr. Maria Montessori, is a child-centred educational approach which uses etiquette, structure, and routine to encourage students to explore their self-help and social-emotional capabilities.Through interactive and creative themes, little scholars will also develop math concepts, problem-solving, and language proficiency.


This program focuses on the soft skills of character building, confidence and collaboration through immersing the students in a Reggio-inspired classroom. Students are encouraged to explore their artistic, mathematical, linguistic proficiency, and social-emotional capabilities through collaboration, communication, and comprehension.


In a Waldorf-inspired classroom, students are invited to expand their curiosity, develop their linguistic proficiency, and strengthen their social-emotional competency through dramatic play, critical analysis, and creative activities.

Program Overview

PSP classes are dedicated to thoroughly preparing a child for private school application to any institution. Our experienced teachers have planned the curriculum to simulate the private school application process for students so they succeed. During this semester, children will be grouped each day to experience a different classroom philosophy; Reggio, Montessori, and Waldorf. Encountering many different methodologies, while maintaining routine and structure, allow students to develop the skills that are vital to ensure your little scholar is optimally ready for private school.

Program Highlights

Understanding the Private School Application Process
Simulated private school assessment
Skills Development to Stand Out

Understanding the Private School Assessment Process

The Private School Application process is very rigorous and challenging. In order for an applicant to be successful, a thorough understanding of this procedure is necessary. Students will learn the steps and vocabulary terms so they are prepared.

Simulations of private school applications

After developing an understanding of the components of the application, students will work through many scenarios which simulate the entire process. Tasks include writing, problem-solving, and teamwork.

Skills Development to Stand Out

Students will participate in specifically designed classroom activities to reinforce necessary skills which allow them to stand out from their fellow applicants.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of KEY’s ECE system compared to other early education methods?

A: This program is the only early childhood education system in Vancouver that targets private school admission. We will help with your child enter top private schools through a multitude of activities, from simulated admission tests to parental and application support. Also, unlike many traditional ECE methods that value a child’s mental development over academic performance, our program combines our years of experience with private school admissions with three popular early childhood education philosophies: Montesorri, Waldolf, and Reggio-Emilia. As a result, our program is exactly what parents have asked for: a curriculum that can improve both academic foundations (Example: social communications and English proficiency) and personal advantages (examples: social etiquette and self-discipline).

Why early childhood education?

A:“The child is father of the man.” Age 3-6 is a child’s golden time to improve their language, sports, and awareness skills. Also, private school admission is becoming increasingly competitive. An Early Education Program can help uncover your children’s total intelligence, creativity, and social skills. Through stimulated private school assessment tests, they can also develop themselves into model students desired by private schools, thus unlocking their academic pathway to the future.

Can ECE really help with private school admission interviews?

A: There are certainly techniques that can be applied during private schools interviews. However, a child’s academic performance and personal growth relies on everyday development with the right guidance. Our program is based on our experience of helping many students enter top schools over the years. It is the first early childhood education program to focus on private school admissions in Canada, and can help build your child’s self-discipline, confidence, and drive for academic success.